Meagan Domingo

  • Program Manager

About me

When Meagan was a child, CPS and DCFS were consistently a part of her family dynamic, and at the young age of 16 she was already homeless. After barely graduating high school, she packed up and moved 400 miles away for a fresh start. 

After some time, she began to recognize education as a tool to end systemic cycles and process her trauma. Meagan attributes her success to learning about community college and has been a fierce advocate for education awareness and opportunity in Black and Brown communities. After three years of community college and two years of university, Meagan graduated Summa Cum Laude and has dedicated her life to uplifting underserved populations. 

She has worked in eviction defense, sex education, environmentalism, education and most recently juvenile justice with Beloved Community Housing. Her passion is fueled by the opportunity to be the person she desperately wanted as a youth and make the world better for future generations. 

Meagan is a first-gen Filipina-American, loving cat mom of three, and a book fanatic. 

These days she spends her time volunteering, reading, and trying to master one of her many hobbies. 

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