Beloved Youth

Beloved Youth is the inaugural initiative of Beloved Village and aims to break the cycles of poverty, incarceration, and homelessness by providing support and resources to young people through community-based alternatives. We collaborate with young people who are involved or at risk of being involved in the juvenile legal system, as well as their families, to reimagine and invest in innovative housing solutions that foster a sense of belonging outside the oppressive institutions that cause harm.

Beloved Youth was born from the experiences and aspirations of countless young people who have worked with Young Women’s Freedom Center over the past three decades. The program has been meticulously designed based on their desires, needs, and dreams for their own futures.

Beloved Youth serves as the pioneering pilot project of Beloved Village, driven by the belief that every young person deserves a nurturing and supportive home, along with necessary resources and support rooted in their own self-determination.

Our Goals

Create Care

Build a continuum of care and support outside the existing systems.

Resource Young People

Resource young people, their families (including families of choice), and the community


Ensure existing system-based solutions operate with integrity and support the self-determination of young people and their families

Looking to the Future

After three years in the Beloved Youth program, participants will experience the following outcomes, ultimately demonstrating the power of community-based alternatives to incarceration and congregate care and motivating policy change that prioritizes the resourcing of families prior to systems involvement in order to prevent homelessness, family separation, and incarceration.

  • Attainment of long-term safe and stable housing
  • Fewer placements for young people on their journey to finding a permanent home
  • Improved economic mobility and financial stability
  • Lesser to no involvement in juvenile justice and foster care systems
  • Strengthened relationships with family (including families of choice as identified by young person)
  • Expanded network of community support and social capital
  • Improved health and wellbeing

Beloved Village is a fiscally sponsored project of Young Women’s Freedom Center (DBA Freedom Center)